Basic Drawing

Jr Kg to 7 std

Half Year or Full Year

Art and Paint

Simple Drawing

Basic Foundation Level 1

Basic Foundation Level 1

Basic Foundation Level 2

Basic Foundation Level 3

Advance Foundation Level 1

Advance Foundation Level 2

Advance Foundation Level 3

Photo Sample

Government Drawing Grade Exam

Elementary & Intermediate

Basic Concept, Still Life, Design, Memory Drawing, Nature Drawing, Calligraphy, Freehand Drawing, Geometry and Lettering


Age criteria: Before September the Student Should Have completed 12 years of age.

Handwriting Improvement

Basic Stroke of English, Marathi Alphabet & Numbers, Scripts Style, Cursive Writing Manu Script & Much More...


Basic Stroke of English, Marathi Alphabet & Numbers, Fonts & Stylization, Scripts Style, Colours Scheme & Much More

Advance Courses

Advance Sketching

Shading & Stylization

Sketching & Colouring

Nature & Object Drawing

Portrait & Character Sketching

Charcoal Painting

Canvas & Abstract Painting

Landscape Painting

Landscape with Media

Perspective Drawing

Calligraphy & Painting

Vacation Camp, Workshop & Short Courses

Workshop & Short Courses

Landscape Painting, Canvas Painting, Mural and Pot Painting, Candle Making, Rangoli Workshop, and Much More...

Vacation Camp

(Summer Camp, Diwali Camp, Charismas Camp, Ganpati making)

Creative Courses

Rangoli Workshop

Mahendi Art

Sand Art

Pottery Workshop

String Art

Clay Work

Creative Craft

Candle Making

Creative Painting Media Courses

Knife Paining

Stone Painting, Coffee Painting, Tattoo Painting, Fluid Art, Ink Wash, Impasto, Shoes Art, Decopatch Painting, Encaustic Painting, Ball Point Pen Art, Kolaj Painting, Resin - Epoxy Painting, Spray Wall Painting, One Stork Paining, Texture Painting

Entrance Exam

NATA, NID, NIFT, BFA (Fine Art). UCEED, CEED, CEPT & Other Entrance Exam

Art Teacher Training Course

Module 1: Child Art

Module 2: Upper Basic

Module 3: Grade Exam

Module 4: Creative Art

Do you want to become a certified and professional art teacher? Come and learn the secrets of teaching from the best professionals art institute in art field, with a teaching experience of over 12 years. A unique course design for teacher's from school & colleges, House wise, hobby artist , privet tutors for help them to update their knowledge & skill in art world.

Animation Based Drawing Courses

Cartoon & Character Sketching (Flip Art Animation)

Drawing Concept, Anatomy Introduction, Character Sketching, Expressions & Movements, Shading & Dimension, Face Study, Life Drawing, Model & Portrait, Cartoon Sketching, Creation of Cartoon & Stylization, Line Work & Quality in animation, Key Frame Animation (Frame by Frame Concept), In-between Sketching, Flip Book Concept